Four Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

September 1, 2017

Insurance is a required part of any successful business. In today’s busy business environment finding the right insurance coverage that works best for you can be a chore. However, not taking the time to properly research insurance can lead to extra costs, or insurance gaps. This is why independent insurance agents are a great alternative to going through insurance companies directly.

Here are four reasons why you should choose an independent insurance agent to help manage your insurance needs:

More Choices

An independent insurance agent has the power to find you the best insurance for your situation because they are not tied to just one provider. This allows your agent to do the insurance shopping for you, saving you the headache of searching for the right coverage. With their knowledge of the market, they can give you more policy choices and then narrow them to a manageable level. This allows you to focus on running your business.

Lifetime Service

Insurance needs change over time. Keeping the same insurance as your business changes can leave you paying for too much coverage or will leave gaps in your coverage. Independent insurance agents are there for the long term, analyzing your situation, reviewing your coverage, and making changes to make sure you are accurately covered.

Unbiased Advice

Working with an independent insurance agent can give you the unbiased advice your business needs. They help you identify exactly what kind of coverage you have or what coverage you need for your current business state, along with factoring in upcoming business decisions. These decisions are focused on you, as their client, not focused on the profit of a single insurance company.

Help With Claims

Independent insurance agents are there for you one-on-one when you have a claim. Many times they will act as a liaison between you and the insurance company so you get all benefits of the coverages that you purchase. If you have a billing concern, questions about your deductible or clarifications on coverage amounts, your independent agent will be there.

Companies looking to focus on their core competencies and get out of researching insurance can leverage an experienced independent insurance agency. These agencies can also bring efficiency, dependability and a personal touch that can help your company mitigate risk effectively.

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