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Commercial Property Insurance

Property is a key part of most businesses. However, maintaining and minimizing the risk associated with it can be a challenge. When property is damaged and unexpected inventory is loss, it can significantly affect your business’s operations. Commercial Property Insurance helps cover the costs of the related repair and replacement costs to get your company back going.

What Commercial Property Insurance Usually Covers

  • Company Buildings. This covers the repair of the structure and will sometimes include installed fixtures and machinery.
  • Contents of Buildings. This normally includes things that can be easily removed such as inventory, office equipment and supplies.
  • Other Property. This includes items that are left by someone else in your care or control.

Did You Know?

Most commercial property policies do not include flood damage and must be added separately.

What Commercial Property Insurance Usually Does Not Cover

  • Money and securities, accounts, bills and food stamps.
  • Vehicles, aircraft or watercraft (with some exceptions).
  • Flood Damage.
  • Earthquake Damage.
  • Animals other than stock.
  • Land, piers, wharves or docks.
  • Crops, grain or hay located outside.
  • The cost of excavations, grading or backfilling.

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