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Inland Marine Insurance

If your company ships products and equipment frequently, inland marine insurance is worth considering for your business. Inland Marine insurance specializes in insuring high-value products and equipment that are shipped, but are excluded from a typical property coverage policy.

What Inland Marine Insurance Usually Covers

  • Property in transit, such as computers, communication equipment, fine art and billboards.
  • Property held by a bailee.
  • Instrumentality of transportation and communication.
  • Certain types of movable property such as medical equipment and contractors equipment.

Did You Know?

23 million packages are stolen every year in the United States.
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What Inland Marine Insurance Usually Does Not Cover

  • Items that have not yet been shipped.
  • Items that are damaged after they have been shipped.
  • Damage to construction sites before construction has started.
  • Intentional damage to property.

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