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Lewis Mohr Insurance Agency provides insurance and risk management services to clients in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and across the country. We were founded in 1968 on the premise of superior customer service along with quality risk management solutions for our clients. As an Independent Insurance agent, we work only with carefully chosen insurance companies that have high financial and ethical standards that have withstood the test over time.

Our History

A Company of Generations

Lewis Mohr was determined to achieve the American dream of owning his own business. He wanted an opportunity to help others and base his work on forming strong relationships while providing a service that was important to people.

So Lewis left his job in corporate America as a banker and founded Lewis Mohr Real Estate & Insurance Agency in 1968, taking the first steps to make his dream a reality.

Picture: Jeff Mohr (left) & Lewis Mohr (right)

In April of 1984, after building his company from the ground up, Lewis was unexpectedly diagnosed with lung cancer. Just two months later, Lewis passed away, leaving his youngest son Jeff to inherit the family business at 23 years old.

Jeff Mohr originally began working for the family agency during high school and continued while earning his degree in Business Administration from LSU in Baton Rouge. It was no secret growing up that Jeff wanted to go to work for his father; he valued being able to form personal relationships through business and displayed an interest in helping people through the difficult times in their life.

It was Jeff’s ability to look into the future and envision a path to growth that proved to be his strong suit. After his father’s passing, he immediately diversified, causing the company to triple in size. With the addition of his wife Lisa, their efforts have advanced the agency to where it is today.

With the belief that for a company to succeed, it must invest in its employees, Jeff has put a continual focus on mentoring and providing his employees with an environment where they can grow in their field. In an age of constant mergers and acquisitions, Lewis Mohr remains family owned. Jeff's intention is to pass the company down to the younger generation giving them the opportunity to grow the business. Today, Lewis Mohr Real Estate & Insurance Agency grows into its third generation with the addition of Jeff’s daughter, Brittany, who is eager to follow in her father and grandfather's footsteps.

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