Tips for Choosing the Best Insurance for Your Business

October 1, 2017

The best insurance for your business will depend on what your business does and what risk factors it has. For example, a company whose employees do clerical work will generally have a lower risk than a company who is involved in construction. Below are a few common types of business insurance policies that will be required as your company grows:

Property Insurance

This covers physical property that your business owns from any loss or damage. If your business owns (or is planning to own) its own buildings, property, storage facilities or other structures, then property insurance is something that will be required.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance covers your business against claims by third parties for any injury or damage caused by your business. This helps to significantly minimize your business risk and is a requirement for every business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In most states, workers’ compensation insurance is required for companies that have a certain number of employees. This coverage will pay out regardless of who’s at fault in an accident involving an employee.

Employee Benefits

Many enterprises will give their employees access to benefits like health coverage, disability coverage or even life coverage. This can be a key selling point for the organization and can help attract better, more qualified individuals.

When choosing what insurance to purchase it’s best to compare between many different providers and check through the details. Certain providers may have cheaper coverage but hold back provisions that could be key to your business. It is best to set up a meeting with each independent agent to clarify anything that is unclear to you, making sure you get the insurance coverage you expect and plan for.

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