How to Protect Your Business from Commercial Burglary

October 1, 2019

Commercial burglary is a threat to businesses of all sizes, and the best deterrent for burglars is to be proactive with your security. The following tips will help you limit your risk of commercial burglary.

Limit Employee and Customer Access

High-risk areas, should always be locked and accessible only to those with a business need. Keep a list of all employees who have access to restricted areas and update it frequently to reflect any permission changes.

Only current employees should have access to critical parts of your business. Consider changing your locks, passcodes or security cards whenever an employee leaves your business, even if the parting was friendly.

Eliminate Dark Areas

Consider installing floodlights throughout your building’s exterior, especially at the entrance and exit points. Consider leaving some interior lights on to make any after-hour activity visible from the street. Set your lights on a timer to automatically turn on at night to give yourself one less task to remember at closing time.

Make Sure Windows and Doors are Secured

Securing your business’s doors and windows after hours is another important way to protect your business from burglary. For windows, check window frames to see if they are loose or rotting, and ensure that the windows offer visibility. Be sure the window frames cannot easily be jimmied open.

For doors, choosing the right lock is paramount. A magnetic lock uses an electromagnetic current to keep the door locked. While it’s considered the most secure, it’s expensive and requires electricity to work. This means you’ll need a battery back-up in case of a power outage. A great, cheaper alternative is a high quality deadbolt. No lock is burglar proof, but the longer and harder a burglar finds it to break in, the more likely they simply give up or are caught. Also, you’ll want to be sure all doors and windows are integrated with your alarm system.

Install Security Cameras

Not only do security cameras help deter criminals, they can also help find a suspect if a burglary does happen. When setting up your cameras, be sure to have them record to a hard drive so you can see past footage. You can also consider posting signage that your property is under 24/7 surveillance to discourage criminals from trespassing.

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